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Sunday, 26 February 2012


Up until a few weeks ago I would have considered myself primarily a red wine drinker. It's not that I'm opposed to trying new things and new wines but if I had to pick a favourite it would more than likely be a red. That being said, I have recently discovered two wineries that may put red wine drinkers loyalty to the test. Both wines hail from the Niagara region and can be found at most LCBO and Wine Rack locations for $12.95 and sometimes as low as $10.20. 
The first one I'd like to present is Inniskillin's Late Autumn Riesling. It has a beautiful Straw colour and yields intense floral, fruit, honey, and apricot aromas. On the tongue it is off-dry with flavours of honey, lemon, apricot, and other fruits, balanced well with some acidity. It finishes with a long lasting flavour and thirst for more. As its alcohol percentage is only 10% it is dangerously easy to drink. On account of its fruity, almost juicy quality it can pair well with almost any dish and works very well on its own.
The second Riesling is produced by the Megalomaniac winery. It is very similar to the Late Autumn Riesling in that it is gorgeous clear, pale straw colour. However, it is superior in that way that it exudes floral and peach aromas with a touch of lemon to excite the nostrils. It is slightly dry; medium bodied and flavours of peach, apple and hints of honey relish on the tongue. The acidic, clean finish balances this wine expertly. It is simple magical how it seems to get better and more flavourful with each sip. Enjoy on its own or with a seafood dish such as grilled scallops. 
If you're a white drinker or a Riesling lover I highly suggest you give these two a try. I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy them as I do. Even you red drinkers should give them a go. Enjoy!   


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