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Wednesday, 22 February 2012


As this is my inaugural post, I would like dedicate this blog to all the young oenophiles out there. I have always considered myself an oenophile in the literal sense of the word as I have always enjoyed a good bottle of wine. I've even drunk my fair share of bad wine for that matter. I first took a liking to wine as a means to a drunken end, but over the many years and bottles, the passion has grown and developed into a great appreciation and love for this remarkable elixir. As there are hundreds of options when it comes to buying a bottle of wine, it is so intriguing to me, and I’m sure it is too you, that the same grape and same vineyard can produce such different and distinct flavours year after year. It has also occurred to me that most of my experiences with wine include the same varietals and vineyards so I have been yearning for something new. As I veer away from the less than savoury homemade wines and plunge towards the myriad vintages the world has to offer, I am eager to discover the most delicious wines for the most reasonable prices. My goal is to travel the world from bottle to bottle, to discover, taste, and blog about all the world has to Canadians. As my girlfriend and I embark on this journey I invite you to join us and enjoy the stories, reviews, and hopefully some humour. Cheers! 

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