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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

PKNT is right for me!

I have recently discovered a winery that is new to my knowledge and without a doubt it has been the best surprise of the new year so I simply must tell you about it. The other week my girlfriend and I were at the LCBO perusing the aisles for something new and that is when we stumbled upon it. We had already picked up a bottle of Philip de Rothschild Pinot Noir and Coyote’s Run Unoaked Chardonnay and exuberantly thought we should get a third bottle. We usually stick to what we know but this day we were adventurous.
Whilst in the Chilean section, I saw my old friends, Cono Sur and Frontera, however there was another bottle that caught the eye. This certain bottle had a vibrant pink label and a large Chili pepper on it. My girlfriend had called me over and introduced me to it. I thought she had just been drawn in by the colourful label because I certainly was. “It’s called PKNT!” she exclaimed “my friend who works for Wine Access reviewed this”. This made me rethink the wine and give it a second chance.
The varietal was Carmenere, one of my more preferred grapes, especially when it comes to Chilean wine. It had won an award in 2011 and it is worth mentioning that it was also only $10.95! At first I was skeptical because the other bottles in my hands were $13 to $15. After reading the back label I learned that it is apparently pronounced pecan tea. I still don’t understand the meaning behind it but having read the description I was eager to taste it.
Upon returning home, Elizabeth and I readied our glasses and opened the bottle. The wine was a beautiful deep red, almost purple colour and smelled amazing. I was astounded that such a flavourful and elegant wine could be under $11 and it just so happened to be a perfect pair to our spicy chili dinner.
After that I was on a Carmenere kick. I purchased a couple other brands also from Chile but still PKNT was superior. Unfortunately, the closest LCBO for us doesn’t carry the Carmenere but they did have their Cabernet Sauvignon. Recently it has been on sale for $9.95, which is a great price for what you get. PKNT does produce many other varietals from Shiraz to Pinot Noir to Merlot, which I have yet to try but if they are as good as the Carmenere or Cabernet Sauvignon then I’m sure they will be superb. I definitely suggest giving PKNT a try.

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