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Wednesday, 22 February 2012


When it comes to champagne… I can’t afford it. So I must resort to sparkling wine, and for me there is one name that always comes to mind that is also in my price range. Henkel Trocken. Having tried a handful of different sparkling wines I discovered that I enjoyed dry ones with mild sweetness and Henkel fit the bill. So on Valentine’s Day when Elizabeth and I were visiting the LCBO, we were more than excited when we discovered that Henkel produced a Rosé and what better day to stumble upon it than on this special occasion?
I have only had the pleasure of enjoying a couple Rosés in my drinking career and never a sparkling Rosé but I didn’t let that deter me from trying something new. Better yet, it was a dollar cheaper than Henkell Trocken, our usual buy.
I was thoroughly please with this purchase. It was a total delight. It had a gorgeous pink hue that glimmered in our cute flutes. The texture and taste was quite similar to Trokken but with a sweeter fruity finish. About a half hour later I was wishing I had bought two bottles. For only $12.65, with an alcohol percentage just as high, Henkell Rosé is a great choice for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion or date night. 

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