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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Game Of Thrones

For today's post I thought I'd do things a little different than normal. Recently, I have been addicted to the Song Of Ice And Fire book series and in anticipation for the second season of Game of Thrones I have rewatched the first season twice. I have always been a huge fantasy buff but more than ever have I been drawn into this series and become so attached that sometimes it's hard to break free. With the help of the internet I have been able to delve into the deepest depths of the internet fan base and through my obsessive research I discovered a very interesting website that has combined my new favourite book series with my love of cooking. is an online cookbook that is based entirely on the cuisine prepared within the pages of A Song Of Ice And Fire. Don't get me wrong I love food that has a modern and sophisticated look to it but I am also a big fan of rustic food; which is exactly what the series is all about.
Now, the reason why I am mentioning all of this on a wine blog is because the site also includes many beverage recipes. In the series, wine is synonymous with water and just like the food, there are many different styles and preparations of the wine. I am most intrigued and excited to try one of the hot wine preparations because I have never had hot wine before but also because it is one of the quicker recipes. If you so choose, the site provides many recipes to brew your own wine out of plums, persimmons or what have you. 
So if you're a fan of the series or looking for some cool recipes check out the site. Cheers!

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